We have latest generation machines and software for producing engravings with the highest precision. Learn about all our processes.
Galvanic department

We provide a complete service, from the construction of the cylinders to engraving. At our facilities in Nova Milanese we perform the processes of copper plating, smoothing, chrome plating, and polishing the cylinders to guarantee their perfect shape.

Electronic engraving

Electronic engraving uses synthetic diamonds to engrave cells on the cylinder’s surface, guaranteeing a high level of precision and excellent quality. We have three Ohio Electronic Engraves M820 machines with Vista System, one for large-size cylinders, and one with a head for deep engravings to offer a high standard of quality.

Halftone gravure engraving

The halftone gravure system with laser makes it possible to produce improved printing quality for jobs that require a high level of precision.
Halftone engraving is perfect for content that requires very fine details, for bonded cylinders, coatings, and other applications. This makes it possible to eliminate the typical debris from the screen and reach superior depths.

Flexographics polymer engraving

Department equipped with CTP having Esko Cyrel HD technology able to reach screen values up to 200 LPI and resolutions up to 4000 DPI. The development of plates is done with solvent-free Cyrel Fast TD 1000 dry, thermal technology.

Graphics department

We operate in different sectors of the world of graphics, such as Rotogravure, Flexo and Offset. We can edit and adjust grapchis already existing and crating new ones, from your ideas o samples. The company uses different software and hardware at the vanguard technology, such as:
– Adobe
– ArtPro
– Hybrid PackZ
– Epson 990 e WT7900 with photometer for automatic color calibration and to print on paper and on film with white with GMG certificate
– Spectral and 3D scanner for large format.

Test print

Before delivering the rotogravure cylinders we make sure that everything is perfect and in compliance with the customer’s needs. We have two Heaford machines to perform test prints: one for small cylinders and one for cylinders measuring up to three metres.

Direct Laser Engraving

We have a direct laser with YAG technology able to engrave at very hig resolution on copper, steel and many other metals.
Ideal for realization of multi-level embossing cylinders and coating cylinders that require a large volume.